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World Film Collective facilitates youth film making

More from the social innovation files: World Film Collective “…teaches filmmaking to disadvantaged young people around the globe, using equipment that is sustainable, accessible and affordable, providing them a rare chance to be forerunners of the current digital communications revolution.”

The group offers workshops to young (10 – 25 year-old) participants in their communities and at no cost. The entire programme takes three years to complete. Films are distributed using social media channels, the web site, and are entered into film festivals.

What do I have in common with kids? Soccer! It took me all of 27 seconds to find “Township Tournament”, 2:08 minutes on an alternative World Cup competition that took place in the townships around Cape Town.

“I felt like I was in front of God.”
– Answer to the question “How did you feel when you scored those goals?”, asked of a participant in the tournament, “Township Tournament“, World Film Collective

Highly recommended, but beware: it’s dead simple to lose hours on their YouTube channel.


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Soccer and social innovation

I recently became aware of a social innovation* organization called Changemakers, “a community of action where we all collaborate on solutions.” The site hosts, among other things,  contests designed to feature and fund worthy programs, and the one that’s caught my eye is the “Changing Lives Through Football” competition.

Finally, the event is in the voting phase which goes until August 18, 2010. Finalists are eligible to win prize money totaling $90,000 USD to foster real change in the world. I voted for Soccer 4 Hope (and you can, too, here) because they’re operating out of Cape Town and focus specifically on the empowerment of girls and women through soccer.

And in soccer-changes-the-world news from much closer to home (like, Lamport Stadium), I’m only three days away from participating in the Rock the Pitch Charity Soccer Tournament. That’s only three more days of fund raising, the proceeds of which will go to Athletes for Africa’s partner organizations in northern Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and southern Sudan. If you think this is a worthwhile and effective example of social innovation, sponsor me at www.myathletesforafrica.com/ksenett. EVERY donation get a tax receipt.

*Interested in learning more about social innovation? Check out these organizations currently on my radar: the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto and Open IDEO, an online crowd sourcing platform.

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