And now for something perplexing

This story makes no sense at all.

On first viewing it kind of made me all, “Wait… What-?” and then just as I could feel frustration surfing in on a cascade of adrenaline, I focused on the birds shambling around in their tiny jerseys and my entire cerebral cortex was flooded with oxytocin.

This clip is like an eightball. A legal, penguin-based drug mashup. Go ahead – you try it.

Bonus points and a shout out to anyone who can tell me:

– Why that guy is “training” (to take some liberties with the term) penguins to play soccer.
– What this means:

We have formed a group of penguin supporters, hoping that the South Korean team will go to the next round at the World Cup finals in South Africa.

– What this has to do with South Korea’s past or future performances in the World Cup.



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3 responses to “And now for something perplexing

  1. So the penguins…’support’ the Korean team. And ‘train’ in their honor? How did… What the… Okay this is just totally offensive on multiple levels. I hope PETA and FIFA team up to take this guy down.

  2. ksenett

    Offensive, cute, bizarre, troubling. Honestly I don’t know what to make of it.

  3. I saw this on the local news a couple of nights ago. Horrible. Although the newscaster was trying to remain neutral, it was clear she was not amused. I hope some animal rights group takes this on! Feh.

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