Update on Iranian girls football team – and it’s great news!

Hot off the interwebs: “FIFA lifts ban on Iran girls’ football team“, according to the Tehran Times. Though there’s not a lot of information out there yet, it would appear that the Iranian football association submitted a proposal for a modified uniform that covers the players’ hair and FIFA accepted it.  The team will now be able to compete in Singapore later this summer.

Although the response to my initial post on the issue of players in hijab was overwhelmingly positive, I have learned that any modification to the rules of the game can evoke mixed passions. The recent policy change by OFSAA here in Ontario that allows girls to play on boys’ teams has been the subject of many heated discussions, and has led me into some snarled arguments over the past few days. My first reaction to the ruling can be found here, but that’s not the end of it. An update is in the queue.

For those of you still struggling with the issue of players in hijab, I came across a blog post on iran.foreignpolicyblogs.com – Hijab and Football – which does a great job of illustrating the particular position of the Iranian players. Bravo to writer Sahar Zubairy.

And bravo, too, to FIFA, for being flexible and considered in this matter. To those of you who asked for a contact at FIFA to lodge complaints when this story broke, I would recommend follow up emails in support of this recent decision. Expressions of gratitude and support are as important as protest. Happy Saturday, everyone.


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