Do-goodery update: LAFN donation module online

Fresh off the interwebs: The Loaves and Fishes Network web site is now donation-enabled for international donors through the use of their very own PayPal button.* This means that you can donate to this extremely worthy organization using your own PayPal account or a major credit card.

Wondering who LAFN is? Get introductory information here and here,and read about my ride-along with a trainer here.

* Special thanks to Warren Canning from LCDbauhaus Productions for helping with the code implementation.

Speaking of PayPal, detail-oriented readers may have noticed that my PayPal donation button is gone. I was recently informed that I am in contravention with PayPal policies for reasons that remain obscure to me but that appear to have to do with the fact that I accepted money and took it to the women of Unakho in Mdantsane Village. To quote their letter, “…we request that entities wishing to accept donations on behalf of a charity or other non-profit organization provide evidence of their legitimacy.” I’m not sure whose legitimacy I am supposed to establish, but as Unakho is simply a group of women (not a charity or a registered non-profit) and I am just someone who gave them money (as opposed to a legitimate entity), I am in a bind. For the duration of this imbroglio, PayPal has restricted my account, the upshot of which is that they have frozen the $100 gift my mother deposited for my birthday. Way to crack down on the baddies, PayPal!

I do remain hopeful that this will be satisfactorily resolved and that I will be thoroughly educated on the rights and responsibilities conferred by PayPal button use. In the meantime, if you wish to donate to me and my writing, please use the Contact Me page to make arrangements.


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