Meeting at LAFN

Dr. Trudy Thomas is warm, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Instantly, I feel comfortable and energized about the work. We are joined by board member Brendan Connellan and within forty minutes we have established a two-phase plan for my time and effort. Phase one is PayPal implementation for the LAFN web site and phase two will be a structure and content overhaul.

Here is something that I did not know: In South Africa it is very typical for a business to provide you with a receipt which you will pay at some later time by direct deposit. It’s handy (it saved our bacon when we discovered we were short on cash after breakfast on our last day at Kei Mouth) but totally foreign to westerners. In the west, we pay for things up front, and if online, we pay through a service like PayPal. I believe that getting a PayPal button on the LAFN site is an essential part of maximizing their fund raising ability.

Phase two is a longer-term project, and one that I can continue to contribute to from anywhere in the world. I hope to build and implement a clearer site structure so that visitors can easily access the information they want. Once this is achieved, we can go forward with other aspects of their communications strategy.

At the end of the meeting I make a plan to go out on a ride along with an LAFN trainer and special needs worker to see the work in person.



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3 responses to “Meeting at LAFN

  1. Kelly

    I volunteer to make a donatation when you need someone to test LAFN’s new Paypal.

  2. ksenett

    Thank you Kelly!

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