Checking in, checking out

I just checked in online using the British Airways web site. From a user interface perspective, the developers did a stellar job and I found the process to be efficient and clear.

I logged in and was a quite chuffed to discover that BA acknowledged my jet-setting ways by referring to me as a “World Traveller”:

It's nice when one's efforts at fabulousness are recognized, don't you think?

It's nice when one's efforts at fabulousness are recognized, don't you think?

I added my passport details, checked in, chose my seats, and printed my boarding passes. It wasn’t until the final screen that I discovered that “World Traveller” is a ticket class, and the lowest one at that. World Travellers occupy the bottom rung of the air travel ladder, under First Class, Club, and even the unimaginatively-named World Traveller Plus. I would suppose that if you are going to pay the surcharge to fly in a class NOT World Traveller, you’d want a name that distinguishes you from the commoners… it’s bad enough that you have to share the cabin with them. Might I suggest “Gentleman Class”?

Intrigued, I decide to investigate. In terms of in-flight entertainment, only the First Class passengers get special treatment with a whopping 20 movies to choose from. And let’s be clear, here: of the paltry selection of seven for the rest of us, the only one that I am remotely excited about is The Hangover. It’s going to be a long, Gravol-y flight to London.



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3 responses to “Checking in, checking out

  1. Ahh, yes. I raised a bright one…better to watch a movie entitled The Hangover than to experience one!

  2. Jaclyn

    The movie is so awesome though – so it will be worth it, if you can pull yourself out of your gravol induced coma long enough to watch it!

  3. Kelly

    I think World Traveller is a charming way to say “coach.”

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