On solitude

Prepping for a trip like this takes a lot of time, and almost all of it is alone time. I’m not going to drag a friend along to the travel clinic or to buy extra cat food. This is my last weekend here and it’s going to be a social one. Today is the reunion BBQ for my women’s team so I will get to hang out with a bunch of people I know and love. On Sunday I play a playoff game with my summer league team, and expect we’ll be going out for a drink after, in triumph, of course. On Sunday, too, I will meet my house sitter in person for the first time. That is always a strange moment, but I am looking forward to handing over the keys (Note: in an update to this post, I sent her the instructions and her response was, “Noodles (sic) sounds hilarious…” Maybe Noodles has a new Mommy.) Monday will be spent with my Dad, Lisa, and the girls and then I head to the airport where I will encounter a stranger at the check-in desk. He or she will be the first in an endless line of acquaintances and strangers in will have to relate to over the next month plus.

I am glad that I have had days of solitude. It will be ages before I am alone again.

Well, not really alone:

I think it finally dawned on them that I'm leaving.

I think it finally dawned on them that I'm leaving.


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  1. Jaclyn

    You can’t take the drawer with you… just saying!

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