Guess where I’m posting from

I remember reading a travel book when I was a kid that outlined instructions for travelling to Spain. The authors prepped the reader for their journey with friendly tips like “pre-stamp postcards so you will never be out of touch”. They suggested appropriate denominations of traveller’s cheques, and offered slightly condescending advice on what to do if the cheques were lost or stolen (“If you have neglected to keep a record of the cheque numbers…”). Travel seemed to me to be terribly complicated, really only suitable for the smartest, most organized and worldly folks.

This post was sent from my celly! Things have gotten so easy, so integrated. Think it (Hmmmm I wonder if I could blog from my BlackBerry) and somebody’s already built a widget for that. Now any eedjit can travel all the way across the world (just watch me) without having to worry about whether they licked the stamp or left a copy of their traveller’s cheque numbers with their friends.


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