The end of soccer season 2009

In about an hour I will be at the soccer field for the last regular “soccer Sunday” –  except that because of the holiday, it’s soccer Monday – of the 2009 season. The City workers’ strike along with excessive rain and tornadoes in downtown Toronto (!global what?) made for a lot of football interruptus. I kind of feel like this season never lifted off… except for a glorious TIPC tournament where I got to spend two days hanging out in a tent with my homegirls, reading Cosmo and doing each others’ nails. And winning the gold medal. As my departure draws near, I am ambivalent about my decision to travel away the last two playoffs days and to miss the DST prom (i.e. the banquet).  The banquet is always such a feel good iluhyooman kind of affair and it seems a shame to be away for that. And I had my outfit all picked out and everything. Live link via Skype might be the only way.

The weather here is turning, like it or not – and I like it. Fall is my favourite time of year. No matter what, it makes me feel all gezzelig and back-to-schoolish. I like the hint of woollies and fireplace in the air. And of course, Ontario has the most spectacular fall colours I have ever seen. I’ll miss that this year. I’ll be flipping and reversing it – travelling back in time to spring. I am visiting another continent, another country, another culture, another season. Springtime in South Africa has a fabulous ring to it. I hope I get to see lots of baby things. I bet even baby poinsonous vipers are adorable.


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