OK, now I know what 1time means: that quoted low price will only be available one time – after that the price goes up 100 rand. I am not kidding. When I hit “Book” the price was 100 rand more. Pauly the (paranoid) travel agent suspects some sort of sniffer software that detects when you’ve been on the site for a while and raises the price. Not to worry, thought I, I will use a different browser. I launched IE and typed in the URL… and the price it gave me was higher by another 100 rand. Maybe it’s a tax for being an IE user and if so, I can get behind that.

Oh yeah, also, I thought about it and 1time is a terrible name for an airline. Presumably they want their passengers to return more than one time, right? The name makes you want to fill in the blank, like, “One time I was on this plane and…” and these sentences rarely end well. And then that 3 second bit of audio from that Fugees song totally got stuck in my head: “ONE time…TWO time…” Completely nutter-making after 20 minutes of browser tweaking while I tried to figure out if the airline’s software was smarter than me.

Anyway, I totally got into it with this site. I cleared my cache and temp files, restarted my computer, and visited 1time. Sure enough, it thought it was my one-time visit and there was my first low price. Booked it: I win. More nice less price – booyah.



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2 responses to “1time!

  1. Kelly

    Brilliant computer sleuthing on your part, evil database programming on theirs. But you foiled them, intrepid one!

  2. Cristina

    H-O-L-Y what a brilliant name/scam and well done for beating it

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