Everything I know about Africa I learned at the movies

I have finally made contact with Karin (car-in) who lives in Johannesburg. More precisely, she writes, “I live on a ‘farm’, not really a FARM…but a smallholding about 15 min out of Joburg.” No idea what that means but I instantly picture myself Denys Finch Hatton‘d out Redford-style. Out of Africa came out when I was fifteen years old. I watched it with my Mom and little sister, and afterwards we three would parrot the “Don’t move – But I want to move – Don’t move” scene and then burst into peals of squeamish laughter. It was just so romantic! Gross.

Karin is a friend of a friend who has generously offered to put me up in Johannesburg for a few days and show me around. We are working out the schedule now. My first choice is to meet her on the way back, thus avoiding the I’m-so-jetlagged-I-can’t-stop-crying-but-it’s-really-very-nice-to-meet-you scenario. Either way, though, I am really excited to have the opportunity to see Johannesburg with a guide!

Once I leave Jo’burg I will be heading to East London to stay with Craig, who recently referred to me as his “roomie, homegirl, confidant, and part-time lover”. I am guessing that means that by the time I get there, he’ll be up for a little of this.


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