When I arrive in Johannesburg on the morning of September 16 (that’s two days after I leave Toronto), I will have to board another plane to East London. I haven’t booked this part of the trip because I may be visiting with a friend of a friend in Johannesburg, so my dates aren’t yet clear.

I have a choice of airlines for this leg: South African Airways or 1time.co.za. Though the flights are a bit more expensive (around $30 CAD), SAA allows two checked bags and is, according to their site, “a Star Alliance member”. I imagine that this means that before the in-flight snack they hand out those molten microwaved hot towels that are inexplicably icy inside. My travel agent Pauly has never heard of 1time.co.za.

Yet, 1time.co.za has a rad tagline: more nice less price. Just like that – no punctuation, no capitalization, no bells and whistles. Like, why use the taxi chit from your Dad’s company when you can just as easily hitch a ride with your fun aunt who always has the good looking boyfriends that give you presents like rock CDs of bands your friends have never heard of?

Forget being a Star Alliance member; if SAA wants to compete for my travel dollar they need a new image. I suggest South African Airways: Flight for your right to party.



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2 responses to “JNB – ELS

  1. bep

    wish I had a cool aunt with boyfriends like that

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